Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Color & Oak Creek Canyon

After leaving Flagstaff a couple weeks back, we dropped down into Oak Cree Canyon and through Sedona. Up in Flag, the scrub oaks were fairly yellow, but the aspens were just beginning to turn color. This maple? had some interesting patterns in its leaves. (Click on the picture to see this close up).
Oak Creek Canyon looking toward Sedona

It is amazing that anything can grow on these steep slopes. By the way, match where the rocks start in the lower left quarter in the photo above with the upper right portion of the photo below to see how really deep this canyon is.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Clean that Cat!

Snowflake wasn't outside for even a minute and managed to find some dirt & dust to roll around in. He ended up in the shower with me for a good shampoo. He's cleaner, but not as sparkly white as he used to get.
And it took well into the afternoon for all that fur to dry out.

Crazy Hat Day

Jake's school had spirit week and today was Crazy Hat Day. I think he got a pretty cool crazy hat. It's nice to have a friend who's a clown. Thanks, Ms. Marta!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Went to Flagstaff for a trails conference a couple weeks ago and we were able to all go along. Normally a fun trip, but Erik was hit by a touch of the flu bug. Still very nice weather for a walk in the woods.

Always nice to be among the pines

Plus a bonus - some fall color

Some 'sapsycles'

and more color

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2nd & 5th Places at the State Fair

I should be posting this on my art blog, but since I really haven't been going on that, I figure I better post it here.

Pictures will be coming - the external drive with my pictures and scans is on the other computer.

I took 2nd place in the color drawing competition and 5th in illustration. Didn't place in the black and white category - that has almost always gone to the pencil drawings, and some are very well done.

Then I found a gem at Goodwill last weekend (half off day to boot). A large frame with a double matte that will fit my large rose (18" x 24" - more than double in size than the largest dot drawing I've done before this).

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nice Sunset

Took this picture today looking to the north at sunset in Papago Park.

Believe it or not the colors are pretty accurate. So often the sunset colors get washed out or something and the colors just don't come through. That and the buttes are lit nicely - not over darkened. Didn't use a tripod, just an electrical box and tilted the camera up on my hand.
OK, this loaded just fine. The other day I had nothing but trouble trying to load pictures, so I gave up. I know its been a bit long since my last post...I'll try to get better...