Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Legoland, CA

We went to Legoland for a quick family getaway (I only took off one day, so I can hardly call it a vacation).

We decided to be 'tourists' and take lots of pictures with the sculptures.

And at first they were pretty excited to cooperate with posing.

But after the Bionicle that was it. It was going too slowly when we stopped for so many pictures. With these guys we take what we can get of them together and were happy to get 3 shots.

Oh, and although most of the sculptures are made entirely of legos, the Bionicle above was not. If you think that's cheating - especially in a place called 'Legoland' - they did have some Bionicles in Legos as seen below.
As you can see - no boys posing.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Metal Mouth

Well, sometimes it's better late than never. Such is the case today. I've known since my teens that I needed braces; I just never did anything about it until now. Should have relatively straight teeth in 18 months.