Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Couple of Shots

We are still waiting for the heat to step aside and make way for the nicer months of the year.
Caught these clouds near sunset last week.

These prickly pear fruit are backlit by the late evening sun.

The hawk in the upper left of the left tree is resting in the shade of the tree trunk during the morning sun of the third day of record heat.

Here is a close crop of the hawk and its nest.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer and stay nice through the weekend.

Like (Grand)Father, Like Son

Gramma was going through boxes and we came across this old photo of Grampa Gronseth when he was maybe 14 or so.  I thought Erik looked a lot like him so I had him hold the photo and smile.  Not exactly a smile, but there are some definite similarities - the chin and eyebrows being most obvious.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Black Widow!

It's been quite a while between blogs. The boys and Karen are all busy with school and I am finishing up odds and ends in the house and finally starting to tackle the backyard.  I had moved a bunch of bricks yesterday and when I picked one up today a large, shiny black spider started walking around like it had just lost its home.
Apparently, it had. It went to check on what appeared to be a large egg sack.
I'm afraid I couldn't let it go and fill every backyard nook and cranny with little widows.
Here's the classic underbelly. Sorry its a bit out of focus.