Sunday, January 29, 2012

Got Wings?

The following are two sets of pictures from Camelback Mountain on days I didn't bring my camera. I took these with my phone.

With this title I figured I could kill two birds with one stone - so to speak.

The 'Camelback Chicken' has been around for quite some time now. 
 Obviously a pet chicken gone wild. It is rumored to have been a Firehouse pet that hooked a ride on a truck and escaped.  It is well fed. Daily.


Red Bull gives you wiiiiiings!
Thanks to the Red Bull Girls I had my first Red Bull today and got my wings.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Desert Day Trip - Goldfield

Apparently, this was once a happening town. Before the turn of the century it was the second largest city in Arizona with 50 gold mining claims. It had about 4,000 people when Phoenix had maybe 1,100.  Prescott was the largest city at the time. It became a ghost town at some point. I don't know how much is actual town and how much is built to look like it may have looked or how tourists might like it to have looked. Anyhow, it is an interesting place.

There's a mine shaft and a place somewhere nearby to pan for gold.

 An old truck graveyard.

A couple old tractors (Scott thought Lynn might enjoy seeing these).
 Even a steam tractor!

An old water tank with a glimpse of the Superstitions in the background.

This would have been the view for the miners if they ventured out during daylight hours, and perhaps on Sundays if they were civil enough at the time to only work 6 days a week.

 A nice view of the mountains from the 'town.'

A look uphill.  The town is now shops and such - touristy. Back in the day there were 4 saloons. This one is quite a bit larger than the little church at the top of the hill.

The cowboy out front is trying to drum up business, but not for the house. He's offering horse rides.

 I think if we had more time we might have stopped in the saloon for a beverage and a listen.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Desert Day Trip - More Saguaros and the Superstitions

Another stop amid all the saguaros and beautiful desert. This time we had the sun at our back and the Superstition Mountains in the background.

My old, old computer has my photo editing software, so I couldn't stitch the above two together but the large saguaro is where they would connect.

Weaver's Needle is a prominent landmark in the Supers. Somewhere in its shadow is supposed to be the Lost Dutchman's (long lost) Mine.

Scott had a couple business calls, so I took this shot across the highway and more or less into the light.

Desert Day Trip - Superior to Miami

When I lived in Wisconsin a day trip including Superior and Miami would have involved an airplane and two very different states.  In Arizona it is about a 17 mile drive.

 Right after the tunnel (built in 1952) we pulled over to take some pictures of the little canyon - Queen Creek Canyon?

On the way into Miami there are huge slag piles that boggle the mind.  No pull offs really along the road, so I drove slow leaving the town and Scott took some pictures. 
 The town itself looks pretty depressed. I thought copper was coming back.
Superior did look a little better for a small town - we stopped at the DQ there on the way back.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Desert Day Trip - Saguaro Stand

Went to southern California in December and Scott drove me around for picture taking. Today he came out, so it was my turn to show him around. 

I have always wanted to stop along the highway on the way to Superior (or Boyce Thompson SP) and just take pictures.  The sun isn't exactly cooperative toward southbound shots, so we decided to stop again on the way back.

Here's a chain-fruit cholla
 fruit (above) and skeleton of an arm (below)

I do like how the ocotillo leaf out after some decent rain and they stand out when backlit.

As you look at all the saguaros it is seldom you see a 'typical' one with two arms sticking up.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

South Mountain Roadrunner

After a short hike at South Mountain Park, I saw a roadrunner on some split-rail fence in Beverly Canyon.
 I expected some mediocre shots figuring it would run off if I got much closer.
 I didn't realize it was looking for a drink from the horse trough.

Then it hopped back to the fence and started down a broken rail.

 Here's a tighter crop of the picture above.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Erik's Birthday (a Little Late)

Erik's birthday was a few weeks ago already. Krispy Kreme doesn't give away a free dozen on your birthday anymore - just one.  We got our dozen for Erik at Grama's.

Erik just wanted a few guys over again. They played Wii games and we did the birthday cookie again as the boys just don't seem to care much for cake.
Anyhow, low-key birthday for our low-key guy. Hard to believe he's only a year away from being able to get a driver's license.


We went to Trans-Siberian Orchestra Friday afternoon at the Arena.  Outside they have quite the mall set up.

The internet said to get there early and the doors would open by 2 pm for the show at 3. 
 They didn't open up until 2:30 (show at 3:30) - good thing we came prepared!

 Huge arena for the Phoenix Coyotes.  This is from the upper part of the upper deck. We sat near the front of the upper deck and off to the left of center.

We could see the lights and the stage just fine, but it was difficult to see the performers.

At one point the violinist went to the back of the main floor and played. Interesting electric violin. Karen says she read something about it and there are 7 strings rather than 5 on it.

We could feel the heat from the flames almost every time they shot up. I can only imagine how warm it would be for the performers.

A rather poor shot of some of the lasers. It really was WAY more impressive than this.

 This is a little better.  I tried to get video, but the sound quality was so awful I can't post it.
 They did tons more with the lights, but I burned up memory on video.
Great show - we give it 3 thumbs up. Jake thought it was too loud and too long (over 2 hours).