Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Just a mellow sunset on yet another 110+ (F) day in Phoenix.  I believe we are just 3 more days shy of the record for number of days in a year over 110 degrees.  Average is 19 and the record is 32. It has been an incredibly hot August to say the least.

Red-Tailed Hawks

I saw a Hawk fly low overhead and wished I had my camera ready. It turned a little ways off and I was able to get a shot decent enough to see what kind of hawk it was. 
At first I thought it might be a Swainson's, but the light wings say Red-Tailed.

 It landed on a rock and was very quickly followed by another which flew close by.
As the one flew off to the left, the other jumped up and banked left as well.
These shots are cropped from a 10x zoom, so they are somewhat blurry.  Would have needed a really good 400mm or better lens to get a very decent shot.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy Boys

Erik is discovering the importance of sleep for high schoolers. He has a good amount of homework every night and sometimes it can be a bit much.
 Jake has some homework, but still had the energy to help clean in order to pay off his debt for a 3DS.
Both are enjoying school at this point which is great. We hope it lasts!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Plenty of good weather rolling through the Valley of the Sun last weveral weeks...Thought I would share a few shots..

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Roof

Many thanks to Overson Roofing for a great job removing old roofing and vents then using upgraded shingles and installing peak vents. A quick, clean and efficient process.

 A crane truck lifted materials the day before work started.

 took a couple days - stripping the old shingles
 there's a guy laying under the A/C unit fitting some new, upgraded shingles in there.
 getting closer...
and done. Looks great!  And we should get a tax rebate for going with Shasta white (Engery Star rated).

OK Late note here, but check my new blog azgronsethfamily.blogspot for a picture of the roof now, with a new paint job.  The white looks SO much better now with a lighter color paint on the wood and trim.  I had in mind to do that all along, but I still waited a bit too long to start painting.  Anyhow, it's done and looks great with the Shasta white roof.

ALSO, if anyone is interested, the roof vents at the peak work very well! 

One of the owners, Mr Overson, visited twice to check on the work.  Quite unexpected (by me) and very reassuring that they care enough about quality to have that kind of service.  Thanks Overson Roofing!!