Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dream a Little Dream...

The lottery is where millions of idiots make one idiot look like a genius. But when it get this high it is kind of fun to imagine ways in which your world would change or ways you could change the world...So let's hear it; what would you do with this kind of money?


Kev said...

I'd buy my own stealth bomber.
Uhh, wait - did you say 200 MILLION?

....never mind.

Arizona Gronseths said...

Heh, heh, I figured you would become a famous doctor and discover a cure for something. Then when everyone in the medical profession starts to take notice of you, you can tell them all what to do and rid the world of all diseases.

Sue Feenstra said...

Buy both of Matt and Gail's houses! oh yeah--and pay off ours.

Aunt Laya said...

Hi, Just bopping around with the "next blog" button and found your photos (we love Disney). So my husband and I also play "what if we won the lottery". I'd feed some people and create some jobs, take my family on an African safari, go to Hawaii and swim with the wild whales... oh yeah, and pay off our house too... :-)

Anyway, nice photos.