Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Turtle Time! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!!

OK, We finally got our forms for the big Turtle Race. You may sponsor a turtle for $10, a 'nest' of turtles (5) for $50 or a 'bale' of turtles (10) for $100. Checks made out to Bethany Christian School or, the easier option, click on the underlined link and submit electronically (don't forget to include Erik under student name). This is for the big race with all the small turtles competing in one big lazy river.

Corporate or business sponsors have their own race with big turtles. As the turtles float by, they are announced for the crowd several times throughout the race and are listed in the program for the evening's festivities. These turtles are available for $100 each. And, as promised, those who sponsor the big turtles will also have their businesses mentioned and linked to if you wish right here on our WORLD-reknowned blog. That's a lot of free advertising!! We will need to know by mid-April, so get in on the action SOON!!

Obviously this is a fundraiser for the school. There are prizes to be won - $2000 travel voucher is the grand-prize!! For the other prizes you may need to visit to collect, or you could donate your prize(s) to a worthy family (hint, hint).

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