Saturday, April 25, 2009

Turtle Races

Only 22 corporate sponsors for the little big turtle race.

The leaders proudly wearing their sponsor nametags.
Almost a 1 in 7 chance of getting a beautiful trophy to display.

Over 3,000 turtles for the big little turtle race. So not great chances to win one of the 51 prizes, but a LOT more fun to watch. The first 50 turtles plus the last 'lazy' turtle win something.
About 1/2 way they are already stretched out
Most of the turtles assume a 'social' appearance not really knowing or caring there is a race going on.

Erik had his friend Daniel out and they enjoyed the day

Dad even tried the lily pads. Here I am getting a nice rope burn on my arms.

Jake did really well going down nearly every slide there was including the 'toilet bowl' as he called The Cauldron. Unfortunately his meds make his skin a lot more sensative to UV rays, so he got a bad rash/sunburn under his shirt and on his legs. Good that it happened before the UV index gets real bad. We'll be ordering some UV shirts for him, or he will have a tough summer.

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Sue Feenstra said...

We had a ride in WI calle the black hole--funny thing was, it was not black, but we renamed it the toilet bowl because it took you around this giant covered bowl a few times. We loved it!