Thursday, June 11, 2009

Metal Mouth

Well, sometimes it's better late than never. Such is the case today. I've known since my teens that I needed braces; I just never did anything about it until now. Should have relatively straight teeth in 18 months.


Sue Feenstra said...

Oh Uncle Dan...Abbey has already been through the torture of braces (her words) and we're going to start Kelly soon. Jenny, well, she'll be in braces as soon as she loses her baby teeth until she's about 35! They look great-18 months is nothing!!

Arizona Gronseths said...

Hurray for Abbey! Being done has got to feel pretty good.

So far so good as far as the pain. We'll see how it feels when they tighten it up in two months.

Already had my first meal with them and weird - and lots got stuck.