Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flowers - in Spite of the Heat

Went to a conference this week for Parks and Recreation and it was at the Camelback Inn . The grounds are nicely manicured and I was there early, so I took some pictures....
Not your typical bouganvilla (or bougainvillea, if you prefer to use the proper spelling of the genus), this is much more shrub-like than vine-like. And the flowers have a nice cluster. Here is a typical planter. I shouldn't really say that since they have numerous settings with cacti and palms. Not your lush flora you might find in some flower gardens, but much better than you'll find in most desert landscapes!
These two shots are from a kaleidoscope attached to a planter which you rotate to get differing views. I honestly didn't think of getting a shot of the planter with the kaleidoscope until I was uploading these pictures. It was unsual looking to say the least.

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