Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park (day 1)

Had a meeting at Tonto Natural Bridge SP. What a beautiful spot. And I believe I would say that even if I wasn't missing the first 100+ (F) day of the year back in Phoenix.
The bridge is a travertine formation, meaning it is growing ever so slightly as minerals in the water are deposited and build up over time.  The water comes from a spring that flows fairly well in spring and early summer.
The river runs when the water runoff is good, and the water is super clear.

Here's a look through the bridge.
Here's looking up at the back side. You can see the travertine here, too.
We took a hike through and up the stream a little way back up to the parking areas.

The trees are amazing. Obviously, the soil has been washed out in a flash flood or two over time, and the roots still find there way to the steam.

Columbine were blooming.

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