Friday, October 22, 2010

Lookout Mountain

If this wasn't my first time at Lookout Mtn Park, it was my first time on the trails there. Not a whole lot to see, but very popular with the locals.
We were doing some training laying out a trail and I found a dead saguaro for the foreground in this picture.

A dying saguaro here.  The top may break off and it may continue to live. Sometimes its hard to tell.

Thought this was a cool looking rock.

Here's another view with the top of the mountain in it.

And a couple more badly abused saguaros.  Before development in the area, this was a pretty remote area.  And for some reason, the area has more than a fair share of idiots with guns.  Not that I have anything against guns; its the idiots with guns I'm not crazy about.

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