Sunday, November 7, 2010

Farewell to Our Islands

Karen and the boys have made Islands their place of choice to eat for many Tuesdays and it is closing its doors today.  They decided to make one last trek there to say goodbye to their waitress, the manager and everyone else they've met over there.
 Erik outside by the sign. 
Erik and Jake with their waitress, Selena.  She almost looks like one of the family, doesn't she?

Thanks for all the good food and wonderful people, Islands! Too bad that this profitable restaurant wasn't profitable enough for Corporate to keep open.  Now the nearest Islands is something like 15 miles away.  Looks like Karen and the boys will be looking for a new Tuesday spot.  I know they will miss Selena, Devin, Chrissy, Brittany, Amber, and, of course, Fred.

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