Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Few Shots from Work

I've been getting behind in posting.  Pictures are starting to pile up, so I've chosen a few decent ones from the last weeks or so.

Large egret along the shore of one of Papago Park's ponds.

Algae trouble in another pond.

 Still waters
Kinda makes me want to find some really nice skipping stones.

 Design along Tempe's bridge across the canal to start their bike path.  Looks like a fingerprint.  The shadow is from a solar light.

This cloud at sunset almost looked like a mushroom cloud!

 Now that it is getting nicer out and not 110+ every afternoon, it is easier to get out on the trails again.

 A fallen giant.  Saguaros may reach around 200 years of age, but I doubt this one got that old.  Wonder if it blew over in one of our big dust/wind storms.

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