Monday, November 28, 2011

Zoolights Sneak Peek

This is the 20th year of Zoolights! And the finally got a new lighted sign; the old one was getting pretty ragged.
Makes for a nice reflection in the water.

Every year they start on Thanksgiving night.  I will have to ask if they had more or less people than usual due to all the early Black Friday shopping being offered.
This is the giant tree just inside the entrance.  You can see it from the road before you turn into the zoo.

These seem to be new additions this year, and I didn't go in farther. Saguaro, ocotillo, and flowering agave at the entrance to the Arizona section.

That was all I checked out the other day. Really went in to buy some kettle corn, so I only took a couple pictures.  Next time I will go all the way through and take some more pictures.

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