Monday, January 2, 2012


We went to Trans-Siberian Orchestra Friday afternoon at the Arena.  Outside they have quite the mall set up.

The internet said to get there early and the doors would open by 2 pm for the show at 3. 
 They didn't open up until 2:30 (show at 3:30) - good thing we came prepared!

 Huge arena for the Phoenix Coyotes.  This is from the upper part of the upper deck. We sat near the front of the upper deck and off to the left of center.

We could see the lights and the stage just fine, but it was difficult to see the performers.

At one point the violinist went to the back of the main floor and played. Interesting electric violin. Karen says she read something about it and there are 7 strings rather than 5 on it.

We could feel the heat from the flames almost every time they shot up. I can only imagine how warm it would be for the performers.

A rather poor shot of some of the lasers. It really was WAY more impressive than this.

 This is a little better.  I tried to get video, but the sound quality was so awful I can't post it.
 They did tons more with the lights, but I burned up memory on video.
Great show - we give it 3 thumbs up. Jake thought it was too loud and too long (over 2 hours).

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