Thursday, March 22, 2012

Las Vegas - Circus Circus

We decided to try our luck staying at Circus Circus Hotel/Casino.  I should have gone back out later and taken a night shot of this sign all lit up.

Out our window (31st Floor) the floor fun park is visible (see last shot). Windows were heavily spotted with dust drops, but the rooms were clean.  This tower is non-smoking, but the main floor is pretty steeped in smoke.  Some of the newer casinos seem to have better ventilation, but this one - even with fewer people seeming to be smoking - has poor ventilation.

Woke up to a nice view of the mountains at sunrise.

An off-strip casino is in the foreground.  The distant mountains look nice with the shadows.

If I hadn't looked out again a few minutes later, I would have missed the colors coming out.

This is the tower we stayed in. We were about 4 floors from the top.  This view is from just outside the pool.  Big pool, but it was still kind of crowded, and I don't think the hotel was very booked up.

This shows the world's largest indoor roller coaster zooming down the track.  The Circus Circus lights on the tower can be seen through the glass dome.  They have Midway games, circus acts and rides all indoors.

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