Thursday, May 8, 2008

Erik's Class

Here are the kids from Erik's school's 4th & 5th grade. We went on a field trip to Westworld for a horse show, which was more an encouragement for reading. It was entitled Black Beauty, from the book, which all the kids were to have read. There were probably around 3,500 kids there and they had a huge, covered arena (in the background of the picture) with plenty of seating. Unfortunately, it was too dark from my seat to try to get photos. I probably could have tried video, but I had a pole in the way and didn't think it proper to go stand in front of everybody. There was a lot of good riding and well-trained horses. It was a pretty decent program.
The picture above was done by stitching 3 photos together in a panorama. I've done landscapes like this before, but never people - especially people who tend to move a bunch.

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