Saturday, August 23, 2008

How Big is Big?

This is a big ocotillo we were able to salvage from the City golf course where I work. Acutally, I had already removed five others I considered big. This one is huge! Unfortunately, a photo of it doesn't do justice to its magnitude...

This is Cody, one of my friends at work. The lower branches which are nearly twice his height are about how big the big ocotillos are. Clearly, this is nearly double the size of the others!

Here are three recently planted ocotillo on a road scar. We planted the saguaro (8' - 9' behind the middle/huge ocotillo), too. The cages are - or rather were - mesquite tree seedlings planted by ASU students just before summer. Out of 150+ seedlings only 6 survived the summer. To be fair, the summer did have a stretch of three weeks with temps over 110F.

Anyhow, our year is going into routine with work and school, so nothing exciting to post family-wise. Will try to correct that soon.

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