Friday, August 15, 2008

Spadefoot Toads

After the two good rains last week, only the puddles not yet dried up hold what will become spadefoot toads...Some of those that have already dried up have a lot of dead tadpoles in them.

Amazing camouflage on the tiny toadlings help them survive the trip from the water to a place where they can eat and grow (the tails are still visible on these two - toward the center)

These were using a rock for shelter. Hundreds of them!

These adults come out with a good monsoon storm. We helped about 33 of them from being caught in the roadway at a park. There were many already dead from cars driving in or out. Anyhow, they come out to mate and lay eggs in puddles that will hopefully manage to bring the little ones from tadpole to toad in less than a couple weeks.

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