Sunday, January 4, 2009


A little late, but the sentiment doesn't go away after the First. We had our power unit go out on the computer. Several days later we finally found a solution: a nearby Bookman's had one for $6 (took two trips to get the right one, but they had one). It was bigger than the original, so it sits outside the computer, but that should just make it easier to get back there and clean/vacuum, right?

We took the Metro from its terminal in Mesa about 4.5 miles from our house to the Arizona Science Center downtown. Unfortunately, it was one of the free days for the public and the ride was a long one - standing both ways. The Metro is our light rail connecting the valley to Phoenix downtown. It is nice, quiet and even has bike racks. It was sold to the voters as the answer for our overcrowding commutes, but I seriously doubted it then and continue to doubt it now. Maybe if gas goes (and stays) up around $4 a gallon again it will seem like the smartest thing the Valley has ever done. If the rail were to run until midnight as opposed to its current 11 p.m. ending, I would probably bike/ride/bike to work & back. There is a stop about a mile and a half from the park.

After the Science Center, we walked over to the Arizona Center for some Uno's. Then we walked back to the Metro stop to head back. It took 55 minutes to ride into downtown; getting back took 90 minutes!

Anyhow, now that the free test-run is complete the Metro appears to run fairly empty. I don't see it all day, so don't know if the commuters are trying to make it work out for them. We did speak to a couple of people who lived in east Mesa and drove to the west Mesa terminal to use the Metro for commuting and they were impressed with the mileage savings (not so impressed with the timing).

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