Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is IT in the Cards?

The Arizona Cardinals advance to the SUPER BOWL!! Now how about that?! What's next? The Cubs making the World Series?

Always the underdogs, not many believe the Cardinals have much of a chance to beat the Steelers. I don't get it - haven't they seen the Cardianls play these last few weeks? They aren't my team - that will always be the Packers, but they are Karen's team. And, it appears they are a LOT better than they've been given credit for being. There are just under two weeks before the BIG GAME and you can bet we will be watching. The question until then remains...
Is it in the CARDS to win?


Sue Feenstra said...

Dave has been commenting each week about how happy Karen must be. I haven't paid much attention to it but now I realize how exciting it must be out there! You should host a Superbowl party!!

Arizona Gronseths said...

If we do not, I expect it will be because we will be attending one!