Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The President's NEXT DOOR!

I don't have pictures, but you all should know by now what the president looks like! I have been to the White House (I don't know if Reagan was in at the time), but this is the closest any president has ever come to me!! That I know of at least. Obama is speaking today at Dobson High School which is right behind our house. We probably would have tried to get tickets to see him, but Jake had strep throat and Erik had a dentist appt the morning they gave away tickets. Actually, Jake had a dentist appt as well, but we had to cancel that.

The highschoolers don't get to see him - they get to watch on TV in the classrooms. Marta's son, Adam, goes there and says there were a lot of improvements being made in a short time for the visit. Who's Marta? Marta watched Jake before he started school, and now Adam babysits on occasion.

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