Sunday, February 8, 2009

Update Time

Camera has dust and lint in it so I took it in to get cleaned (my birthday present). I was scheduled to work on my birthday, but I took the night off to go out to eat with Karen and the boys and Gramma. I got to thinking that if I am now 47 - that means someone in the family turns 50 this year! How about that, Dave?! Woo-HOO! Oh, Jake and I went fishing on my birthday, also. We caught a few carp - some big fellas, too - at the local pond/lake. I have some pictures I have to dig out of the memory card. I'll post those when I get a chance.

It's a bit rainy over here. Not usually newsworthy, but it happens so seldom in our neck, it makes the news. Actually this is a big, slow moving storm that may last a few days before socking Denver.

Oh, and we have started up a game night now. Will have to get pictures soon. So far its been a few different games, and the boys seem to win more than the parents. I'm sure they would love me to share more details about all that!

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