Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

We went to Gramma's for Christmas Eve and opened a few presents after a great meal with a - you guessed it - pork roll.  The boys don't look as excited as they were to open presents.

 In keeping with Grampa's sense of humor, we pulled the old underwear gift gag in his memory.  Jake thought it incredibly funny to finally be included in the gag, but Erik was a little less enthusiastic.  We had a good laugh over it. Definitely a fond memory of Grampa.

Then it was home to put out the luminarias along the sidewalk - in front of our house, both neighbors and two across the street. Here's our house partly hidden by our olive tree:

Our neighbor on a side street organizes a neighborhood party every year where people bring food & snacks and sit around folding paper bags and filling them with a bit of sand.  (We had to stop on the way home from Gramma's to get the little candles).

Anyhow, this is that neighbor's sidewalk (and driveway) and a few houses down his street.

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Sue Feenstra said...

The luminaries are so cool!!!