Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Unwrapped

The boys were up early, not as early as some, I suppose, but eager to get to the goods.  It was nice to hear Jake say that the things he likes best about Christmas are: "First that Jesus was born. Second, that we get to open presents!"  I think that's a first for him to put Jesus above the hype and excitement of the day.

I told the boys they wouldn't get to open their presents until we got at least one good smile...Think I should have held out for a better one?

Erik practiced being a teen with his "Oh great, a shoe box, just what I always wanted."

Jake was much more enthused with a box of Quaker Oats. He was so funny, opening presents with zest and enthusiasm regardless of the packaging beneath the wrapping.

Karen & Erik opened this one together

Probably Erik's favorite gift - something no teen seems to think they can live without.

(In case you can't see the packaging - a cell phone - w/ limited minutes)
Both boys got a DS game - we had them open them together

And this one took most of the day to put together. Kind of reminds me of that Peter Paul & Mary song "The Marvelous Toy."  I never knew just what it was, and I guess I never will. (Click the Youtube link - its worth a listen - Live at Sydney 1970)

OK, I do know what it is, it is a marble contraption.

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