Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Science Fair

Erik's school had a science fair yesterday.  Three judges went by each exhibit and talked with the students. Erik was pretty good explaining his mulch study.  He put fish, citrus, melon, and salad into cups with soil and tried growing beans in them as well as in one without mulch.  The neighbor cat ate about 3/4 of the fish soil, so we tried again and brought the cups indoors.  They started smelling and went back outside and the citrus and melon soils had mold, the new fish soil had maggots.  Wonderful.

Starting over, we were finally able to get some decent results. Unfortunately, there wasn't much time left to get decent data. At least decent enough to make a solid conclusion.  He did find the citrus soil to produce the most plant growth, with the fish soil a close second.  The salad soil had the largest leaves and probably looked the healthiest.  We may have to keep going on this just to see what happens...

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