Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Interesting Cactus Pictures

I thought this was interesting as cacti don't really need supplemental watering. These healthy looking specimens are flowering nicely at Tovrea Castle.  I doubt the spigot is ever turned on for them, it just looks as though it might be the cause of their robustness.

This is way (WAY) north Phoenix in Deem Hills looking south.

This barrel was flowering nicely just this morning.

Barrels can look weird when stressed.  I don't think they have the same support structure as saguaros, but they can get to be 7 feet tall.

This little fishhook pincushion was blooming probably only a day or two after a summer monsoon rain.  Note the resurrection fern all greened up below it.

This dead saguaro frames a cholla and another young saguaro.

This large saguaro from Deem Hills is up the slope a bit and away from all the new developments - except the new trail that goes right past it.

But new or old, it seems that devlopment and saguaros are not good mixes.
The holes are very likely from gun shots long before the area below was even  graded for development.  This is also along the new trail, but we found out that the new trail followed an old foot path up the hill, so it is not so surprising to find this kind of damage. Not pleasant, either.

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