Tuesday, December 14, 2010

THE Copper Chopper

Arizona's Centennial is aproaching, and one custom bike builder made a one-of-a-kind bike he gave to the State.  The State is raffling off the bike for $5 a ticket.  Of course, that means it has to make the rounds at major events and such. Puebloe Grande Indian Market was last weekend and I not only took pictures of the bike....
 Nice looking bike.
State flag imagery etched into the gas tank.
Side plates are 15 pounds of solid copper!!
Oil reserve has 8 pounds of copper.
Most of the rest of the copper is annodized, but still a sharp looking chopper.

I got to help get it off the platform and into the trailer!  Had to wear gloves, even.
 Leather seat looks like wood.

The bike is valued at $100 thousand and someone may win on a $5 ticket.  Of course someone may win having bought a thousand tickets, too.

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