Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Zoolights in the Rain

The rainy entrance to the Phoenix Zoo was a bit deserted on an evening when it is normally jam-packed.  Wed is 1/2 off with a coupon from SRP.
Didn't bring my tripod, so many of the shots were blurry.
 The big ball of lights over the water changes color
one column at a time.
 The 'new' dancing trees section had a nice display for the in-between times rather than leave it dark until the next showing.
 The rain went from a light drizzle to a bit more regular rain.
Here's Jake & Karen, Sue inbetween them, Dave behind them and the rest of the kids and Gramma somehwere behind them yet. At least it was warm enough.  The rain isn't as unpleasant as the bitter cold nights. IT did come down heavy for a short spell.  We are glad the Feenstras come from Michigan and can handle a little rain.

Erik thought it pretty funny to have a dragon setting 'fires' in the rain.
Bunches of animals in this one. 

I spun the camera for this shot of a tree
And I zoomed in on the shot in this one.

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