Thursday, January 27, 2011


I don't often write about work, although I often take pictures at work and post those.
We had a project to clear out some cattails in one of our ponds.

Here is the result (sorry no before shots) after 3 guys took hedge trimmers to a fairly thick patch of cattails.
Made a huge dent in the stand, and supposedly once water is put back to normal levels those that were cut will die off.

This is a little closer look at the mud after we went through cutting.
And stomping hundreds of thousands of seeds into the mud.
 A single cattail at just the right time...
Explodes into a thick cloud of seed.
(We looked like fuzzy caterpillars after finishing)
And these were exploding with every cut we made.
So within a year or so we should be seeing a thicker thicket of cattails in the area we cut and, with all the seed that floated across the pond, around the rest of the shoreline.

Now do you see why I don't talk much about work!?

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