Friday, January 7, 2011

Dolly Steamboat

The Dolly Steamboat takes people out on Canyon Lake for a little tour. they talk a bit about the the area and I learned there was once a town of maybe 400 people in the canyon before the lake was made.  the Apache Trail also used to go up the canyon and they had to reroute the road.

Anyhow, here's the boat at the dock.

Why does the Gilligan's Island song run through my head when I see this picture?
"A three hour tour..."

 Erik, Karen, Abbey and Jenny on the upper deck.

 Kelly, Dave and Sue below.
Where was Jake? Both decks, of course.

Beautiful scenery:

 A nice place for boating; and even though it is winter, the water was a relatively warm 68 degrees F.

It is not uncommon to see bighorn sheep up in the mountains, but we didn't see any.

The boat at the base of the cliff shows the scale of how big these things really are.
 Below is the same cliff with the boat still at the base (where the sunlight side hits the shadow side and a few trees are lit up).  Much harder to tell the scale because the boat is almost invisible.

Did the ride once before and wasn't crazy about it. Of course it was quite warm the other time I did it.  This time was beautiful weather. 

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