Saturday, April 16, 2011

Temporary 'Art'

I have seen this particular form of art before - on my bicycle trip around the country.  In Maine I met locals who had been inspired by a visiting artist who stacked rock in unique formations and were attempting their own little 'sculptures.'  It was quite easy to tell which of his remained and which were attempted by unpracticed eyes and hands. 

That said, I had an opporunity during a lull in directing traffic at a busy trailhead recently to make this stack.

Although nowhere near as talented as the stuff I had seen, I thought it was at least interesting with several small rock holding up the larger rock...Only took a few minutes, so I didn't think too much of it.  Until I tried to restack a similar arrangement the following day (as this one had already been knocked over).  Guess I got lucky finding centers of gravity and rocks that were relatively flat when stacked together.

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Sue Feenstra said...

We've ridden bikes at Mackinac Island and there is a quiet side of the island where there are barely any waves that have a lot of these...that's pretty cool!