Thursday, May 19, 2011

Saguaro Blooms

They started blooming in April already. I thought that seemed awfully early, but there are still a good number of saguaros beginning to bloom now.  That is much more 'normal' for saguaros.  The fruit ripens in mid- to late-June when it is nice and hot to go around trying to nudge them off their tall perches (to make saguaro jam).

A bunch of tiny flies hovering in the upper left corner:

Caught a small one blooming, so I stood on the tailgate and reached over to get a shot or two. Caught the unopen bloom here: 

Here are three nice ones: 

 In case you didn't catch the tiny bee in the flower, here's a tight crop of it:

I wish I had better lenses as most saguaros are rather tall and getting good flower pictures is never easy.

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