Tuesday, July 19, 2011

California Trip!

Once we cross into California it has become our custom to stop at Sizzler for lunch.  Fairly empty when we got there and there was a line going out the door when we left. Two tour buses had just pulled up.
This time heading to Sizzler our exit was closed, so we had to go a couple miles out to take the Business 10 into Blythe. Here is the 'Business' part of Business 10!
I just had to take a picture.

Stopped at a rest stop and drove past a bunch of tanks outside the General Patton Museum. Kind of a strange place for a musuem out in the middle of the desert like that, except that it is pretty close to where Patton set up his tank training out in the desert.  Apparently, in spite of 120 degree or higher days, rattlesnakes and other joys of desert living, there are no reports of any deaths from heat or snake bite.

 I thought it looked awfully hazy looking toward the spot where the huge windmill farm is (and no, I didn't take pictures of the windmills out the window as we passed, but some day I hope to).  Turns out the wind was blowing the smoke from this fire into that gap.

I knew we were close to our first night's stay when we passed this along US 60.
Jake caught this picture out his window.

Went to see Zookeeper with Megan.  While far from good it was probably farther from poor. There were some decent laughs and the boys liked it.
Then  on to dinner and a couple games with Megan before turning in for the night.
 Our hotel lobby and entry area was an old winery.

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