Friday, July 22, 2011

Silver Strand Beach

We had intended to hit the beach near Hotel del Coronado on Coronado Island.  Near the hotel we couldn't find any place to eat the boys would both like, so we drove on past and found something beyond Silver Strand.  We went back and due to heavy traffic near the hotel we just stopped in at Silver Strand State Beach.
All the kites in the background are wind surfers. The beach wasn't very crowded for as warm (80 degrees) as it was.  Plenty of wind blowing in off the ocean to cool things down a bit.
Karen got chilly even while sitting in the sun.

Erik was content to mess around in the sand.
That didn't interest Jake enough.  He had to get into the waves.
And I joined him for a bit.
Couldn't talk him into htting the bigger waves, though. Eventually, he found a 'friend' to ride the waves with and he was quite happy.
 We all got a bit of sunburn even with sunscreen on, so we were too tired to do much else the rest of the day.

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