Thursday, October 13, 2011

Agave Roast

This is an horno, or river rock-lined cooking pit. 

Step one, clear the rock cover.

Step 2 dig out the dirt and coals from last baking session.
Step 3 light the fire!
And burn until there is a very large bed of coals to do the cooking.

Start in the afternoon and finish after dark. Set down a layer of greens (agave leaves work fine) before wrapping the agave in wet burlap and setting on the bed of coals.

Cover with more greens and dirt to keep in the heat.   THEN start up another fire over top of all that and build up a smaller bed of coals over the agave before covering it with dirt.

Wait a couple days and we'll see how it looks...

1 comment:

Arizona Gronseths said...

Forgot my camera today, we dug it up (Saturday morning) and it was very, very tasty.