Friday, December 16, 2011

SoCal Trip - 3 - San Juan Capistrano

This is the view of the mission from the Starbucks across the street.  However, if you should be planning a visit, you might want to try the coffe place shown below (you can get a Starbucks anywhere).

The Starbuck has an old brick facade which is carried over into the little plaza pictured below.

 Fall is in the air here, too.

 It was too early to tour the mission, and I had just been there this summer, so I took a few shots from outside the wall.

I don't know if they age the tiles before using them as replacement pieces or if these have come from a renovation project.

I took a side trip to a little historic district to catch a little local color.

The Hummingbird House Cafe is well over 100 years old and is located just across the tracks from the old train depot, which doubles as a couple of restaurants. It is along the entry way into the old San Juan Capistrano.

The Hidden House is also well over 100 years old and might make for an interesting coffee break.  As I said, you can find a Starbucks anywhere.

 Another old house with an 'interesting' accent color choice.

The old train depot is now Sarducci's and beside it, off the tracks, is an old railroad car restaurant called The Vintage Steak House

In a little park we just happened by this HUGE tree covered with ornaments.

 One last shot of some nice color by the train depot.

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