Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SoCal Trip - 6 - Newport Beach off Balboa Island

Took a ferry from Balboa Island to the mainland which is further out to sea than the island is. Confused? There is a bridge to the island from Newport Beach. There is a peninsula that juts out so far, it is faster to take a ferry to it than to drive all the way around to it.
 From the ferry I caught this pelican starting up out of the water into flight.
 It followed the ferry a few seconds and then banked away.

This section of beach is looking back toward the mainland - Balboa is about 90 degrees to the right. A cool breeze and cloudy day kept most people off the beach.

The gull is probably hoping fishermen are super lucky and throw some scraps his way.
 Or perhaps that the fishermen switch bait (squid, yum) and toss the remainder his way.

Here's the peninsula again from the dock.
 Pretty much built up right to the beach.  I don't know how these places survive heavy storms.

This shows how the houses are built on almost any terrain covering whole hillsides.

Here's the other ferry chugging along as we headed back to the island.

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