Friday, December 16, 2011

SoCal Trip - 4 - Back to Dana Point

Back at Dana Point but this time down below first.
Walking across the bridge one has a window overlooking the ocean.  I guess this is to show why so many people live where they can overlook the ocean. 
Nicely decorated bridge and underneath (on both sides) were mosaics 
I thought the ship was interesting. A closer look will show why.
Must have been fun getting your family's picture in the mosaic. I never realized that photos could be applied to tile so easily.

A standup paddleboarder glides by in the little inlet.  Didn't seem like a very fun sport. I mean at least you are sitting down all the while when paddling a kayak.

So many boats. And people build right up to the edge of the cliffs.
 This is only a small portion of all the boats.

Back up at the overlook, this shot gives a better idea of how many boats are docked here.  And this is just one little harbor town! We began to realize how big the boating industry must be.

We could see the cliffs earlier, but couldn't get a good shot to show them.  In the way distance are houses built up the hillsides.

Here's that old ship again and another old one behind it.

Anoother look at those aloe flowers in the sunlight.  A little hummingbird was darting around but too quickly for my camera.

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