Friday, January 11, 2008

First Gallery Show

Well, I finally made the big time! At least it looks impressive. I have my first ever gallery show - exclusive! It is at Devonshire Art Gallery, and as I said it looks impressive - fact is, it is at a community center in Phoenix. I put in 14 pieces - three older pencil drawings I am not selling, three color-pencil drawings (some call them paintings) I am selling, and 8 pen and ink 'dot' drawings/paintings - some older, some newer - some black & white, some color. I am selling most of them. Well, when I say selling, I mean they are for sale, but I don't intend to just give them away. I put some serious prices on some of them.

The show goes to the end of March, and I'm hoping by that time to have prints made up or available for most of the exhibited works. I'll run another posting showing the pieces.


Gail said...

Congratulations, Dan! Looks great. It'll be nice to more photos of your work.

Ron Guthrie said...

You have some great pieces in this show Dan...congratulations on getting your own show too...well deserved!!!
I don't know how many visitors you get to a community center gallery but I hope that doesn't hamper sales. Sales out here have been pretty decent since August but that was because of the venues...high traffic. I'm up in Morro Bay right now but for some un-Godly reason can never make a sale there...only had 1 piece sold all year. The venue (traffic) has a lot to do with sales as long as the quality of the art is good and yours sure is.
Did you have a Show Reception?
Great work Dan and congratulations again! (Nice blog by the way)...Linda says "Hi" RD!