Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Flowers

I may overdo it a bit in the spring with my flower pictures, but I almost always see new things or better shots or something to keep me coming back for more. This year, there are some different flowers among the old standards at the Desert Botanical Gardens.

Nice displays of color with the orange poppy, african violet and firecracker penstemon (all standard).

Nice mix of flowers & cactus (stabdard).

Firewheel flower (standard)

New - I don't know what it is.

Owl's Clover (standard)

Don't know, but I like it.

Don't know this one either, but I really like it!

A kind of paperflower?

A tiny cluster on a fairly good-sized shrub. I'm sure I've photographed this before, but I don't recall the pictures coming out so well.

I don't know if this one is new as much as there were so many more of them out this year. Nice ones.

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