Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Training Dodgers 0 - Rockies 12

An amazing game for Rockies fans - not so much for Dodger fans.  What started out as cold, breezy and very threatening clouds turned into a cool, but sunny and still breezy afternoon.
Even Scott wore a sweatshirt, so you know it was cold. He's standing by our seats behind the visiting team's dugout. Very, very nice.

OK, I am so bad with names, I won't even try to name the players. Just some shots from our seats.
One of Colorado's pitchers who pretty much held off the Dodgers to pop-ups and very few hits.

Dodger knuckle-baller preparing to pepper one in there.

Colorado had quite the day at the plate. A few Dodger errors and some missed fly balls didn't make much difference in the outcome...

...As the Dodger bats never did come alive.

One or two good fielding plays didn't outweigh the poor ones.

Hmm, watch them be a different team tomorrow against the D-Backs!
I'm heading to that game, too, so I hope to have more good shots tomorrow

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