Saturday, March 12, 2011

Agave Roast (Part 2)

OK, Saturday morning and time to dig up the agave.

First look it appears to be done just right.

Albert is our resident expert and he agrees.  We discovered later that it may have been slightly on the undercooked side toward the center, but it sure tasted good!

The leaf stubs were cut up and brave people would step right up and try it. There are lots and lots of fibers in the leaves, so all you can do is chew it up a bit and then spit out the fibers.

I took a taste of the center part at the top which has fiber, but not the stringy kind - very digestable. And very tasty. To me a kind of smoked artichoke taste.  The lower leaves had strong smoky, almost barbecue taste, but the pulp is sweeter than the center top tasted. The best time to harvest and roast agave is when they are just beginning to send up a stalk.  They put all the sugars into the stem for growth and flower production, so it is super sweet then.  We had to take one before that time as there weren't any others closer and the event was today.

I dare say this little guy liked it even better than I did and had more than I did which is saying a lot!

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