Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mercury Mine Trail

Not an 'official' trail, the Mercury Mine Trail is a loop around Veteran's Peak just west of Dreamy Draw.  It isn't even a full loop, because it only goes along the east side of the mountain - the Charles Christiansen Trail goes around the west side.  There are some steep sections, which are no good from a trail builder's point of view, but there aren't a lot of alternatives available in that section.  There are several little mine pits along the trail where they had dug in the early 1900s for cinnabar, which contains a high amount of mercury. 
 Veterans Mtn
Looking NE

Looking more W

Now on the Christiansen Tr looking toward downtown.

Some nice looking ocotillo catching the last rays of the sun.

On the edge of the preserve. Guess they wanted the view all to themselves. I'm glad the trail goes through so they don't have the exclusive on the views. 

One of the mine pits being an attractive nuisance along the trail. 

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