Friday, March 25, 2011

More Downtown Phoenix

Already over a week old, these pictures had best be getting to where they belong:
I'm afraid I don't know the names of many of the buildings. Most of them aren't that significant anyhow. I like the mix of nature and buidlings.  Hopwfully, by 2030 the Phoenix Tree & Shade Master Plan will have been completed and much more of Phoenix will have this approach.
as opposed to simply more buildings (and more 'heat island') in the future.
This is by the Convention Center. Or should I say, the newly remodeled Convention Center.
Here's the building above with the flowering agave refleted in the windows across the street at the main building of the Convention Center.
Here are some bouganvilla growing up through the shade structure for the ticket window.

Inside the Convention Center is a strange sculpture or light reflector of some sort.
As you walk past it you can see there is writing in the inside portion of the support arms.
'Art is a guaranty of sanity.'  Not sure I agree with that one, but I'm sure the artist was well-paid to place his or her opinion on the matter up there.

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