Saturday, March 5, 2011

Balloon Garden

Our good friend Miss Marta was one of 4 Arizona Balloon Artists involved in creating Kyle's Balloon Garden to benefit Childrem's Tumor Foundation.
Miss Marta created most of the tree which was the centerpiece of the garden. 

I should have asked how many balloons she used.  The link above mentioned doubling the original estimate of 5,000 balloons to create the whole room full of balloon creations.

 A cute lizard accompanied this flower.

A snail went with this one.

A butterfly sat on the chain of the swing.

 A bird on a branch. Good thing we got there when we did, because everything was selling quickly and little extras like this bird were gone before we left.

Every part of the room had flowers or other garden themed creations.

Here's Miss Marta with Erik.  She will be at the Diamondbacks Spring Training games at the new facility this year - making balloon animals for kids. 

Jake really gets into balloons. This was a ball he managed to squeeze into and become Ballon Boy.

Another flower. Wish we had been early enough to see the whole thing, but it was still very impressive when we got there.

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