Saturday, July 11, 2009

Flowers - No Trip is Complete Without Them

Scott & Louise Ravenhorst have an extraordinary gardener. In fact they have him come all the way out from Mesa, AZ to their home in Irvine, CA
Scott & I took this from bare dirt to this beautiful garden in a couple days. OK, we started it. Louise is the one with the green thumb who has cared for it and helped it to look as good as this now.

The boys and their Pokemon think it looks great.

I can't pass by flowers as nice as these without at least a few pictures. A close up of a Canna Lily above.

A Hibiscus flower

Here's an interesting leaf fallen among the groundcover in Legoland.

An unusual flower tucked away along a path in Legoland

Same type of flower from a different view.

And another unusual flower.
This one in pink. There were also orange ones.

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