Saturday, July 11, 2009

New at Legoland - SeaLife Aquarium

This is the 'ad' in Legoland for the SeaLife Aquarium. We got two day passes for Legoland and this. Fortunately, this day was overcast and misty. A good day to be inside.

Outside the aquarium - we couldn't get Jake to pose.
Inside the aquarium they had some lego sculptures, but not too many. Some of the larger tanks had lego subs and divers inside.
One of the better fish pictures. Thay allow flash photography, but discourage it. For my camera, everything pretty much needed a flash.

As this shark and manta ray

and this little guy (or gal).

The boys liked the viewing tubes to get an insider's view.

Karen & I could have spent a lot more time in here. Jake was not in the mood for a lengthy, nor educational, stay. The day was still cold-ish, so we scrapped plans for the ocean and headed to Yuma for the night.

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