Saturday, July 11, 2009

More from Legoland

I'm very good at wasting time, so I've been keeping 'busy' and not keeping up on the blog.
Here are some more pictures from our trip in June to Legoland:

Jake was excited to learn he could ride most of the rides by himself. He was not too excited about the lines for the rides. We happened to show up the first day of California schools' summer vacation.

There were some new sculptures 'hanging around'

And some old classics.

Erik & Karen played mini golf and saw some interesting things...

Erik even found time to save the Federation from the Dark Side.

Jake found the water area. Actually, both boys did and got plenty wet - Here's how:

After a good soak - or was it before? - time for Dippin' Dots. The Dippin' Dots stores in the Valley have all shut down. They are one of the boys favorite treats. Has to be rainbow flavor, too. Notice the nice scab on Jake's nose? The School of Hard Knocks doesn't shut down for the summer; he tried to dive in the shallow end of our pool and caught one of the steps.

The Obama Inauguration - complete with some people passed out in the back row (fallen over).

New York mini city with the proposed Trade Center replacement in the background.

And one way to tell when we've had enough for the day:
Jake is too tired to go on. He crashed while Erik & I waited about an hour to do a less-than-2-minute ride.

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